Prime Video Shoulder Rig Kit by Phototgraphy & Cinema

  • The P&C Prime Video Shoulder Rig Kit is a solid foundation for video shooters looking to start out in 15mm Rail systems. The Prime Rig Kit can be configured as a basic lightweight camera stabilizer.
  • Or configured to a more advanced shoulder rig for supporting LED Lighting, Microphones, LCD Monitors, Portable Audio Recorders, Follow Focus Systems, and more.
  • The rods, clamps, handles, and shoulder pad are based around industry standard 15mm Rod systems which means you can continue to add on optional accessories from P&C or other manufacturers as you advance your build. For mounting accessories, we highly suggest using our P&C Variable Friction Arms.
  • The long handles are important to prevent arm fatigue during operation, and the unique Shoulder / Chest Hybrid Pad can quickly be adjusted to transform the rig from a shoulder stabilizer to a gun-stock style Video rig.
  • For mounting additional accessories, the Prime Video Rig Kit includes two P&C 15mm Swiss Rods ($65 dollar value).

Prime Video Rig Kit Includes:

(1) Dual Rod Camera Mounting Plate w/ Tripod Mount
(2) 10″ 15mm Rails
(2) 6″ 15mm Rails
(2) 90 Degree Clamps w/ 1/4-20 thread mounts
(1) 15mm Offset Clamp w/ 1/4-20 thread mount
(1) Shoulder / Chest Hybrid Pad w/ 1/4-20 thread mount
(2) FREE P&C Swiss Rods which can provide up to 20 mounting points each ($65 dollar Value).
(1) FREE 7″ Stainlees Steel Friction Arm (newest edition)


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